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The most important asset of any company is the people

When people are well they do well. Well individuals make up well-teams and flourishing profitable organisations.

Spiritual Earth delivers bespoke, practical, holistic employee wellbeing programmes giving people the tools and thinking strategies to achieve happiness, wellbeing and be at their best at work, rest and play.

We are proud to work across all major employment groups from Fortune 500 companies to Government sector, SMEs, NGOs and individuals.  What they have in common is that they want to achieve excellence and their potential without burnout.

What we do

Wellbeing survey, strategy development, programme implementation and support, wellbeing solutions.
Making 1 + 1 = 11 through workshops, webinars, newsletters, teamwork, trust and engagement.
Bespoke wellbeing workshops for all or targeted staff, newsletters, webinars, 1:1 support.
1:1 sessions, personal wellbeing plan with ongoing support, newsletters.
Motivational speaking, training to boost wellbeing and address performance gaps, newsletters, handouts.
Classes, workshops, tools and practices, mini-manual, recordings.

New programmes

Launching in 2019!

Our new programme ‘Focus‘ is launching in January 2019. This programme will help your key staff improve their ability to focus, find balance, effectively manage stress, switch off, and boost intuition, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, happiness, performance and leadership, all of which are benefits of meditation and mindfulness. A range of time options are available both during and outside working hours. For further information, please contact us

Price: 6 week programme, €140


Our 'Balance' programme offers 1:1 consultations to help you to create a life in which all of your needs are met, talents developed and you feel alive, fulfilled and joyful. If you want to live life in which you can be and do your best no matter what, get in touch today. For further information, please contact us.

Upcoming meditation classes

Meditation, mantra and mindfulness

Our weekly Tuesday class introduces various meditation and mindfulness practices to help:

  • promote sleep and relaxation
  • improve focus, motivation and vitality
  • alleviate pain and symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • build confidence to name a few

Classes are suitable for all levels from beginners to advanced.

For further information, please contact us.

Every Tuesday, 7:30 - 9pm.

Where: Allied Hub, Whitemill

Price: €60 per month

Meditation for the mind, body and spirit

Our weekly Wednesday evening class also introduces various meditation, mindfulness and relaxation practices. Participants will also avail of a range of reading materials and benefit from ongoing support to solve problems and develop and sustain positive habits for health, happiness and success in their lives.


For further information, please contact us.



When: Every Wednesday, 7:30 - 9.30pm

Where: Allied Hub, Whitemill

Price: €90 per month (4 - 5 classes every month)

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Founder & CEO

About Calodagh

Calodagh McCumiskey is a wellbeing expert, life coach and meditation teacher. She is the founder and director of Spiritual Earth. Her wellbeing programmes help people find balance, peace, happiness and success. Calodagh’s work through Spiritual Earth is driven by her belief that when people are well, they do well. Spiritual Earth are proud to work across all major employment sectors including Fortune 500 companies, government bodies, entrepreneurs, NGOs and SMEs on their 'Wellbeing at Work' programmes.

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Allied Hub, Whitemill, Wexford, Y35 XR22, Ireland

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Monday - Friday: 9am - 5.30pm

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The number of Irish workers who described themselves as stressed at work more than doubled from 2010 to 2015, with job stress among employees at 17% in 2015, compared to just 8% in 2010.