Meditation is the best way I know of cleaning your mind and changing your life. It is an anti-virus programme for the mind. It can benefit anyone – whether you have thought patterns you realise are not serving you, want to make changes or simply want to focus more and improve productivity, creativity and performance.

Why Meditation? I personally turned to meditation almost 8 years ago. I discovered that it could help me – like it has done for so many others – help me overcome the fear built up inside me, help me sit with myself, help me solve problems, help me overcome anxiety, frustration and anger and help me deal with routine problems in a healthy way. It has and because it has done so much more as well over the past 8 years, now I strive to share that knowledge widely.

During 14 years of Aid Work in Africa and Asia, I saw people on the brink of life and death on a regular basis. I saw people that had seemingly nothing but were happy. I met people that were traumatised by loss, severe pain and grief in the aftermath of bitter war and strife because of war and other man-made and natural disasters

Some people live in war-zones and some of us create them in our minds. I did both. Since I have learned to meditate – I like countless others, have learned to sit with myself and to face my fears, to name and deal with what is bothering me, to let go, and to put the past in the past, learn from it and to be in the present.

Meditation is amazing. It changes the way you see things. It can be done almost anywhere. It very simply is just focusing your awareness on something. It is a work out for the mind, making it strong, balanced and flexible. You can focus on your breath, a part of your body, a chakra, a candle, a dot on the wall or even repeat a sound or mantra.

While living overseas, I often wondered how people could overcome so much loss and hardship. I looked at myself. On paper I had everything but my mind would not let me enjoy it much of the time – often stressing and looking to problems in the past or the future and then avoiding things that brought up fear. As soon as one problem got solved, my mind found another to fret over.

At times, my mind would bounce from one to another – mostly just seeking to distract myself from looking at and facing myself. I read many books on self-development and self-help. I wanted to change but could not sustain the changes. I wanted to be different but could not maintain difference. Meditation has made change possible for me.

If we cannot change our minds, can we change anything? Something to reflect on. Change that is sustained happens from within.

The first fruit of meditation is awareness. And the process of focus simultaneously cleans the mind. As we become more aware, we begin to see ourselves and our lives differently. We see how we are adding to our own problems. We identify new and different solutions and ways of being.

We make small changes. Through small incremental positive changes over time transformation comes – initially of the inner world and later in your outer world and life. I strongly recommend meditation as a method of positive change in our lives, whether personal or work related, which anyone can learn!